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James Gunn’s decisions caused chaos in Aquaman 2. The situation of the sequel has been leaked after what happened behind the scenes.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Aquaman 2 has undergone a total of three new shoots. The last one has been the result of a long and chaotic journey behind the scenes. According to the publication, there have been multiple “different views from the executives” due to the “clarity of the story.” This also has to do with the situation of Batman’s involvement in the story, since both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton had shot scenes as their respective versions of Bruce Wayne before the arrival of James Gunn. But, apparently, the last cut of Aquaman 2 will not include either of them, as DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran didn’t want to “promise a cinematic universe that won’t come true.” Lastly, the James Wan sequel has reportedly had “several uninspiring test screenings.” Which doesn’t bode well for the DC Extended Universe movie.

The decision of the president of DC Studios changed the film

Warner Bros. Pictures Despite the fact that the character of Jason Momoa is a product of the extinct DCEU, the future of the actor with this franchise has been a bit confusing since DC Studios had hinted that Aquaman 2 could be part of the new DC Universe. By essentially sticking to canon, it seems DC Studios has wanted to leave the door open for characters after the movie. However, with these new reports, the question arises as to what the real chances are for this second installment of the King of Atlantis to integrate into the future franchise of James Gunn. Of course, it has become clear that the chaos of the filming of Aquaman 2 has been provoked by James Gunn. After all, the studio didn’t know what they wanted to do, but they opted to keep James Wan’s idea of ​​making Ben Affleck have weight in the plot. Later, they changed the plans to give relevance to Michael Keaton and offer a direct connection to The Flash. But Gunn’s arrival at the DCU as franchise president changed everything. So in the end we will have nothing at all.

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