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Barbie Extra is the most demanded Barbie in Spain

The wait is over: this Friday Barbie opens and doll sales are already noticing

On Friday Barbie hits theaters on a weekend that will share the premiere with Oppenheimer and in which the general elections in Spain are held. A weekend of emotions. This fact, that of the premiere of the film (not that of the elections) has caused an increase in the demand for the doll in Spain, 17% more with Barbie Extra, Barbie Cutie Reveal and the articulated version Barbie Movements Without Limits a head. Of course, these are accompanied by four models that are inspired by the most iconic looks of Margot Robbie. This increase happens since the beginning of June, something quite unusual since, like many other toys, the peak usually coincides with the Christmas season. Something also understandable given that the average price of these dolls, as indicated by Idealo, stands at 46.15 compared to almost 63 in 2020 (only three years ago).

Barbie inspired by the movie

Barbie inspired by the movie

The most requested Barbies

Currently, the most demanded in our country is Barbie Extra, a modern version of the classic doll with a more exclusive style and bright colors. Closely followed by Barbie Cutie Reveal with her plush costume (Long live the furries!) that changes color with water and in third place Barbie Unlimited Movements, whose name makes it clear that its appeal is being able to place the figure anywhere. possible pose (the same fact that made Hasbro’s GI Joes successful in the past). The premiere of the film is a celebration in many ways, try typing Barbie in Google and you will see it, and from Mattel they join the party wearing to the stores the most representative costumes of the film. As an example, Barbie with a pink cowboy look, which imitates one of the most viralized images of the leading actress. It must be said that given the more exclusive and collector’s character of this batch, the price is a little higher (but, and I say it from the heart, they are precious).

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