Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

At Marvel they are preparing an epic event that will shake Spider-Man called… Gang War!

The Big Apple becomes a battlefield as crime lords and Marvel’s most sinister villains clash in a merciless war. And of course, the awesome Spider-Man will lead the charge. Gangs, criminals, villains and more clash in an unprecedented battle! Hobgoblin, Mr. Negative, the Owl, Shotgun, Diamondback, AIM, HYDRA and many others are vying for control of New York. But Peter Parker will not sit idly by. Since… he has decided to declare his own war against super crime!

Luckily the hero is not alone.

With a formidable band of heroes at his side, including Miles Morales, She-Hulk, Daredevil and Spider-Woman, our beloved Spider-Man is ready for an epic battle. His mission: take down the super gangs in less than 48 hours. But… what will Mayor Luke Cage, who has enacted the city’s strict anti-vigilante laws, make of it? We’ll have to find out on our own. Additionally, they have revealed that two classic villains will be returning to change the game. Let’s just hope one of them is the Kingpin, as he could be preparing a huge return to wreak havoc. Action and excitement spill over from the pages of Amazing Spider-Man and Miles Morales: Spider-Man, as well as new limited series premiering in November and December. Will Jackpot take sides in this war? And what role will Shang-Chi play? The answers are coming soon in this showdown full of twists and surprises! We can’t wait for this awesome event to begin. Get ready for mayhem on the streets and get immersed in some intense spider action! Gang War is here to change the fate of New York and the entire Marvel Universe! This Spider-Man story is accompanied by incredible covers by John Romita Jr., Leinil Francis Yu, Ed McGuinness and Federico Vicentini.

Spider-Man covers

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