Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

ESTELA, with a bold vision and a solid identity, has positioned itself as the undisputed leader in Digital Compliance in the Ibero-American region, marking the beginning of a new era in digitization and regulatory compliance. Its offer is based on three fundamental pillars:Electronic Tax DocumentationElectronic Signature, Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) and LegaltechDigital Identity and BiometricsThese pillars are complemented by Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity, forming a solid integral layer that promotes innovation and protects customer assets and transactions with the utmost reliability.

ESTELA is born, a new digital compliance giant that transforms the business scenario in Latin America

“We are more than a software company; we are a transformative force that leads the way towards a more connected, collaborative, transparent and digital future in Latin America”, commented Patricia Santoni, CEO of ESTELA.

ESTELA: digital compliance

ESTELA has emerged as a result of the strategic union of five pioneering companies in their markets, including Pegaso Tecnología, Facture and Indicium, consolidating both organically and through acquisitions. As an industry leader, the company has experienced impressive growth in the last 15 months, with more than 650 employees and issuing more than 3 million electronic tax documents per day, reflecting its significant impact in the region.

By Alvaro Rivers

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