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Bitfinex, the renowned digital asset trading platform, embarks on a journey through different cities in Colombia. The tour aims to bring the community of crypto enthusiasts and traders closer to a unique experience of buying and selling cryptocurrencies directly between users. Join us on this adventure and discover how Bitfinex is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency landscape in the region. In this article, we explore in detail how Bitfinex P2P works and its continued commitment to financial freedom in the region. In addition, we will know the agenda of events that Bitfinex will carry out in different cities of Colombia to publicize the P2P and listen to the needs of the local community.

Bitfinex P2P. Simple and client-focused trading.

Trading on Bitfinex P2P is a simple and transparent two-stage process. Clients can create an “Announcement” where they indicate their intention to exchange one of the supported tokens, either for fiat currency or another digital token. These announcements are public and are displayed on the “Advertisement Board” ( , where other clients, called “Takers”, can participate in an operation according to the conditions established by the Creator. To provide users with peace of mind, the platform includes a public profile view that displays transaction details and statistics about the potential counterparty, such as Average Time to Payment, Trading Volume, and Transaction Count, making it easy to make informed decisions.

Bitfinex’s continued commitment to financial freedom in Latin America.

The launch of Bitfinex P2P in Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia marks another step in Bitfinex’s commitment to financial freedom in Latin America. The platform has been expanding its presence in the region, as evidenced by its investment in Chilean “cryptobank” OrionX and its collaboration with organizations in El Salvador to promote financial education and support the growth of local businesses.

Bitfinex Securities also became the first international digital asset platform to receive a license under El Salvador’s digital asset issuance law., which reinforces its commitment to technological innovation and financial inclusion. The launch of the bitfinex freedom manifesto in El Salvador also highlights the importance that the platform places on privacy and freedom in the financial world.

Bitfinex in Colombia. Events for the community and support of Cripto Latin Fest.

To make Bitfinex P2P known and get closer to the community in Colombia, the platform has organized a series of events in different cities. Among these events are a Meetup in Bogotá, another in Medellín and a third in Cúcuta.

These meetings are intended to inform attendees about the benefits of P2P and collect their comments and needs to improve the platform and provide more appropriate solutions for the Colombian community of crypto enthusiasts and traders. Additionally, Bitfinex is supported by Cripto Latin Fest, an organization that has been driving adoption and awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the region.

To end.

The launch of Bitfinex P2P in Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia represents a significant step towards financial freedom and inclusion in Latin America. The peer-to-peer platform offers users a simple and secure way to buy and sell digital assets directly with each other, giving them greater autonomy and control over their finances.Bitfinex through its ongoing commitment to the region and holding community events in Colombia and demonstrates your interest in listening to your users and providing solutions that meet their needs. With the support of organizations like Cripto Latin Fest, Bitfinex is taking the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to new heights in Latin America. Do you want to participate in some of the events? Sign up now! Bitfinex P2P Bogota. Monday, July 31

Bitfinex P2P Medellin. Wednesday, July 26

Bitfinex P2P Cucuta. Tuesday, July 25

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