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If the small fish does not want to be eaten by the big one, what can it do? Everyone knows that the market is in charge and if it evolves, either you do it with it or… you know, it wins the game. Advances in automatic tools and digitalization have changed the processes and the way of working of all companies, the market forces the development of comprehensive, more complete, global solutions. It is what the client demands and this impacts the company’s strategy, the need to grow and personal relationships. Can it be changed while maintaining employee satisfaction, taking care of teamwork, and ultimately taking care of human value?image previewDavid Fernández Camarero, CEO of DeiserToday none of this is questionable. For me, that is the real paradigm of what a few years ago was published with hype and cymbal under the concept of Industry 4.0. Digitization, which is the direct application of the evolution of tools from communications to the full implementation of cloud environments, the Internet of Things that is incorporated at full speed, the use of the Internet and mobile systems adapted to each device, tool, or home or industrial support, is digitization, which, in my opinion, is nothing more than a technological evolution. rial”. The synergy of all this, driven by a globality that only gives the implementation of these technologies together with agile management models, are what really asks us, even demands, to transform ourselves.

If the small fish does not want to be eaten by the big one, what can it do?

I have been working in different cultural environments, sectors and relevant companies for more than 25 years now, and none of these concepts is new, however, the stages of maturity are. The technological one not only for this but for the penetration that it has today in all areas of life, from the daily to the management of business processes. Today technology is a basic tool for industrial processes, also in medicine, in communication with people… This, together with a speed of reaction propelled by the use of technology, make Agile models, ITSM or ESM management an absolute reality. However, I do believe that we have to be fully aware that, as part of that change that is the company, it has to be a support, a traveling companion for clients, even, to such an extent, it is necessary to be a facilitator.

The market requires more powerful solutions

Something that the Company should never lose sight of is that it does not work with machines, even though it is a technology company and it works with systems, processes and entities, it works with people and today people have changed. Consideration, the team in its purest form, equality, and communication are claimed. And if we would like to see smiles more frequently, we have to manage to add sincerity, honesty and respect. We almost certainly got it. It is not difficult to answer the initial question, when all these ingredients are a reality, yes, it’s done, we not only survive, we grow. Now, let’s not be deceived, the new environment is as demanding, or more so, than the previous one and with which it coexists. Traditional management models are as necessary as agile models. The challenge for a company that wants to make a correct and successful transformation must be to make traditional work methods work intricately with the new tools. You have to be fully aware of it. All this has to be a reality, and it is possible. I live it day by day, I know what I’m talking about and that’s why I encourage it to be seen that way. This is the key to, among all, win with this transformation that is not future, but is already happening in all areas of life.Author: David Fernández Camarero, CEO of Deiser

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