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Like traditional sports, the biggest and most serious esports events have dress codes. This means that competitors must wear clothing that conforms to the guidelines to avoid receiving a warning or, in the worst case, being banned from playing. Of course, the new ESL rules made many players scratch their heads. The Electronic Sports League (ESL) is one of the largest esports leagues in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ecosystem. As part of the preparations for the IEM Cologne 2023 that will take place in Germany next week, the organization shared the updated rulebook.
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ESL bans Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro players from wearing Crocs

The interesting thing is that section 4.3, which corresponds to the dress code, received a very curious change. From now on, players will be totally prohibited from wearing Crocs, the popular line of footwear. “Players and teams must ensure that everyone is dressed in the same team color, long pants, and closed-toe shoes (i.e., shorts, flip-flops, and foam clogs like Crocs are not allowed),” the new regulation reads. “To clarify section 4.3 on clothing, Crocs are considered open-toe shoes and therefore are not allowed.”, you can read in the rule book.

Competitors are best abiding by these rules, as we all know. In the event that players wear Crocs or any clothing that breaks the rules during the tournament, they will be subject to a minimum fine of $250 USD. If they wear clothing with offensive messages or the other team’s branding, they will be prohibited from participating until they replace the “problem item.” Unsurprisingly, these dress code tweaks were the subject of mockery and criticism in the community. Some were humorous about the situation, while others argued that players should wear something comfortable during matches.

But tell us, what do you think of this new guideline? Does it seem exaggerated? Let us read you in the comments. Click here to read more about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
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