Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Sarenet and Politeknika Txorierri have reached an agreement to collaborate in the incorporation of students into the world of work in the field of telecommunications and Internet. The agreement includes student internships at Sarenet, with special emphasis on promoting the participation of women in technical areas as part of the company’s efforts to achieve gender equality. The project also seeks the participation of these future professionals in different R&D activities carried out by the Sarenet Foundation, or in areas such as Cybersecurity, IoT or process automation with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Likewise, the initiative aims to serve as guidance regarding the professional profiles, skills and technologies most in demand in this sector of great dynamism.

Sarenet and Politeknika Txorierri

Politeknika Txorierri is a prominent educational center in Bizkaia, located in the Txorierri region (Derio). It is part of Mondragón, HETEL and Ikastolen Elkartea. Its approach is focused on excellence and uses innovative methodologies based on collaborative learning and its closeness to the business sector.

Sarenet Foundation and Politeknika Txorierri sign an agreement to promote dual training in the field of business telecommunications services

For its part, Fundación Sarenet, backed by investments of more than 1 million euros, is dedicated to R+D+i projects. Its objective is to facilitate and promote the use of emerging technologies in projects that improve efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability, while promoting services of greater value and social benefits.

By Alvaro Rivers

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