Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

An image recently shared by Twitter user “@ZEXT1990” has generated quite a stir on commentary forums in Japan. In this image, titled “Four Celestial Waifus“, the author compiled four fictional female characters who have captured the attention of fans for having the so-called “best thighs in all history”. In the image stand out Rikka Takarada of “SSSS.GRIDMAN“, Secelia Dowry of “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury“, Reisalin Stout of “Atelier Ryza” and surprisingly, the own Godzillawho due to being both genders, is also considered a waifu in this context.

The fascination with female thighs in the realm of anime and otaku culture has gained popularity in recent times, surpassing other parts of the body that used to be the focus of attention, such as the breasts or feet. While personal tastes vary, there are a number of reasons why female thighs have become a draw in the anime fan community. First of all, the female thighs are often considered an attractive and sensual aesthetic feature, associated with beauty and femininity. Its softness and curves are often visually appreciated and can convey a sense of elegance and charm.
Additionally, thighs have also become a prominent element in character design in many anime and manga works. Artists often emphasize this part of the body when creating female characters to enhance their attractiveness and add a touch of sensuality to their overall appearance.
It is important to note that personal tastes in terms of physical attractiveness are subjective and vary from person to person. What appeals to some may not be equally attractive to others. The anime fan community is diverse and each individual has their own specific preferences and fetishes. The image of the “Four Heavenly Waifus” has generated passionate discussions on commentary forums, with fans voicing their support and sharing their own opinions on which female anime characters possess the best thighs. In fact, each person could propose other girls that should appear in the image, who do you propose?
Let’s review some comments: “The one on the bottom left is naked, how erotic!” “If we look at it that way, it seems that Godzilla really is the best waifu.” “Oh no, that’s too much body fat!” “In short, Godzilla really is the waifu of choice when it comes to thighs.” “To me, pelvises are the best a girl has to offer!” “Certainly, girls with nice thighs are becoming less common.” Godzilla was a woman? Although it is true that he is called “it” and not “he”, I believe that a recent movie calls him “King of the Monsters”. I don’t understand anything anymore!” Wow, this is a pretty dangerous picture. I mean, one of the girls is completely naked, how come she allows these kinds of posts? ». “They certainly are like weapons of mass destruction, but Atelier Ryza’s will always be my favorite.” Fountain: otakomu

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