Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

The launch of the new budgeting feature integrated into Yooz’s financial platform has cemented its position as the leader in Accounts Payable automation. This feature provides CFOs and accountants with a real-time budget management tool, which facilitates decision-making and improves process efficiency. The platform seeks to remove all barriers to the adoption of process automation of purchase and invoicing, offering companies a powerful Cloud solution, easy to access and use that automates the entire process from the creation of the purchase order to the payment to the supplier. “With the launch of our budget tracking automation functionality , we are pursuing our goal of pushing the boundaries of technology to offer financial decision makers an increasingly optimized user experience,” explains Magali Michel, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Yooz.

Finance managers: budgets in real time

Yooz has enhanced its solution by integrating budget management as an add-on product for its clients using the Yooz Rising platform. This addition allows companies to meet budget control, management and cost reduction requirements.

Yooz expands its offer so that financial managers can manage their budgets in real time

In this way, with the platform it is possible to: Define the budgets according to criteria specific to the category and budgetary period Control the budgets in each step of the “Purchase-to-Pay” process (from the creation of the purchase request to the export of the payment to the accounting software or ERP)Access the budget situation in real time (budget already committed, invoiced or available for each budget item) thanks to the budget control tabHave a global, clear and intuitive budget management panel to see all categories and budget items at the same time

By Alvaro Rivers

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