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Developers from large companies and independent studios will join forces for a good cause: to give young people suffering from terminal illnesses a moment of joy. To do this, they will give away copies of their games to a recently opened hospice hospital in Australia. It all started when Jess Damerst, manager of the Unknown Worlds studio, posted a message on social media inviting developers to donate game keys to the Hospice for Teens and Young Adults. Damerst commented that the hospital has a room with 3 consoles; however, they have very few games at their disposal. To his surprise, a large number of developers decided to support the cause and will donate their games for patients to have fun.
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AAA and indie developers will donate their games to a hospital

Unknown Worlds heard about the Hospice for Teens and Young Adults situation, so they donated several Subnautica keys. Following Damerst’s message, other developers decided to donate copies of God of War: Ragnarok, Cloudpunk, Astroneer, Moving Out, among many other games. “I’ve had so much airplay, it’s unbelievable. I can’t believe it. I thought, ‘oh, I’ll just tweet this, I don’t think anyone reads Twitter anymore’. But yeah, it’s been amazing. From 2 companies I’ve gotten like 6 or 7 games (…) The response has also been from developers or from people who go and ask their studio to provide me with some keys, or from marketing directors of a publisher: “I have had public relations agencies that have provided me with keys and a couple of streamers reaching out to me. I’ve gotten a ton of texts from people, Humble Games has contacted me, and I’ve gotten a response from Gamers Outreach. I’ve been amazed at how many people,” Damerst told GamesRadar. One of the goals of the Adolescent and Young Adult Hospice is to offer entertainment to its patients, most of whom are between the ages of 15-24 and terminally ill. So video games have always been an alternative. For this reason, donations are excellent news for everyone. The hospital thanked Damerst and everyone who supported the cause. Thanks to this, the consoles are now filled with an excellent catalog of games that patients can enjoy.

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