Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Kyndryl has announced that more than 500 companies around the world are already using Kyndryl Bridge, an open platform for integrating technology services. More than 1,000 customers are expected to adopt the platform before the end of the fiscal year, which combines artificial intelligence and operational data. Kyndryl Bridge estimates that it has already helped early adopters of the platform avoid incurring extra costs. $1 billion, including: $670 million in annual savings by preventing thousands of incidents before they occur. This figure is based on an estimate of $750,000 per hour of interruption. $370 million in annual customer savings, which corresponds to 10% of the customer impact from unplanned outages. “This open integration service platform , differentiated and powered by AI accelerates automation, drives efficiency and creates a more sustainable operation, helping companies advance their growth goals and deliver value to stakeholders”, said Martin Schroeter, Kyndryl Chairman and CEO.

Kyndryl Bridge accelerates digital transformations

Kyndryl Bridge, launched in September 2022 as part of the Advanced Delivery initiative, is an “as-a-service” operating platform developed by Kyndryl. Based on the company’s experience in managing complex and mission-critical environments, the platform offers a single marketplace, an operational management console, and an artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) analytics engine. It is a central part of Kyndryl’s Three A’s strategy to offer advanced solutions to its customers.

Powered by AI, data and deep industry knowledge, Kyndryl Bridge provides a new way to manage technology services

Accelerated expansion of services

With nearly 190 digitally enabled services available on Kyndryl Bridge by the end of the current fiscal year (March 2024), the company is driving innovation in AI and expanding the depth and breadth of services so customers can achieve better business results, such as:Getting results based on AI – A growing number of services that will help unlock greater opportunities for our customers, manage and model data, and deliver industry-specific results – from enabling Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing practices and reducing production quality risks to identifying new markets to develop and sell products at scale.Increase cyber resilience and compliance – New services that will optimize an organization’s security investments: from data integration to cyber threat prevention, through security incident workflow management and consideration of local and global data compliance requirements.Achievement of Net Zero objectives – AI-powered carbon footprint calculator and sustainability intelligence tool will measure real-time energy consumption and emissions data to help customers analyze, simulate, forecast and generate actionable recommendations to improve efficiency energy in all its IT park.

By Alvaro Rivers

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