Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

In recent days, a passionate fan has surprised the anime and manga community with animation that merges the popular franchises.”Oshi no Ko” and “Yosuga no Sora“. This creation has generated a stir on social networks due to the controversial issue of incest that has been a trend in the recent development of the “Oshi no Ko” manga. In the most recent chapter of this manga, it is revealed that Aqua, one of the main characters, is the doctor who took care of Ruby, his sister, in past lives. Faced with this revelation, Ruby reminds Aqua of the promise they made to get married when she turns sixteen, further delving into the hints of incest present in the story. This intriguing development inspired the user”推しのモクロー (@MOKUROwwww)” to animate the manga scene and “extend” it, adopting a similar approach to the theme of incest treated in the anime “Yosuga no Sora”. In his animation, the fan recreated the intimate moment between siblings Aqua and Ruby, but with a surprising twist. Instead of being discovered by two friends, it is Kana Arima and Akane Kurokawa, two girls interested in Aqua Hoshino, who find them in this compromising situation. This unexpected twist adds an extra element of drama to the animation and has been one of the key factors for its immense popularity on social media. The combination of the popular “Oshi no Ko” franchise and the renowned “Yosuga no Sora” theme has captured the attention of fans of both universes and sparked a heated debate online about the limits of representation in anime and art. sleeve. Although some have praised the fan’s ability to create fluid and captivating animation, others have raised concerns about the depiction of sensitive topics like incest.
Ultimately, the video has demonstrated the power of fan creativity and passion to reinterpret and expand on the stories they love. However, it is important to remember that this animation is an unofficial creation and that the additional content it adds is not part of the official story of any of the franchises.
As animation continues to gain popularity online, it’s clear that the debate about its content and the implications of combining these two franchises will continue to be a hot topic in the anime and manga community for days to come. Fountain: @MOKUROWwww on Twitter

By deepak yadav

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