Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

The presence of women in the field of STEM disciplines remains low and the changes in the last 20 years have been minimal. In information technologies, the female presence has increased from 33% to 37.4%. However, in careers such as computer and electrical engineering, they are less likely to choose them. The online technology school Tokio School points out that there is a growing female interest in technological sectors such as video games or data analysis. Despite this, the labor inclusion of women in the technology sector does not show significant improvements. “The female profiles are very top and almost all of them have a relationship of some kind with research or teaching apart from their jobs,” Leticia explains. GarcĂ­a, Editorial Coordinator of Tokio School. This center has 12% of female students, but they are firmly committed to incorporating women specialized in this field as teachers.

Women in technology-related management positions

The number of women in management positions in the field of Technology and Telecommunications has increased, from 8% to 12%, according to a study carried out by Fedea.

Currently, female enrollments in STEM studies represent 35% of the total number of students in these areas

The departments with the greatest female presence in management are Financial and Real Estate Services, as well as Basic Materials, Industry and Construction. In addition, 10 Spanish subsidiaries of technological multinationals are led by women, such as Microsoft, HP, IBM, Siemens, Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay and NetApp. However, the female presence continues to be a minority. The problem does not lie in the lack of recruitment, but in the lack of motivation and promotion opportunities that lead women to leave their jobs.

By Alvaro Rivers

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