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The director of Avatar: The Sense of Water has confirmed in an interview with Forbes that he is working on several Alita: Battle Angel films.

James Cameron has put his California coastal ranch up for sale for $33 million. And Forbes has dedicated an article to him talking about the impressive Malibu estate. However, in addition to listing all the comforts of the farm, the director has surprised fans of Alita: Battle Angel. Confirming that there will be more films that continue with the adaptation of Gunnm the famous manga created by Yukito Kishiro in December 1990. James Cameron who is currently busy with the final adjustments of Avatar 3 and planning its sequel does not forget his passion for little wing and he said this in the Forbes interview: “And on Avatar, I’m working in Wellington and Los Angeles. And on the new Alita: Battle Angel movies, I’ll be working in Austin, so it didn’t make sense to us anymore.” Justifying the little time he spends on the farm and why he puts it up for sale.

Although this news has not had an official announcement from Disney. Alita: Battle Angel fans have been waiting for it for a long time. Until recently it seemed like an unattainable dream, however the overwhelming success of Avatar: The Water Sense would have led Disney to reconsider its position to cancel the project of making more Alita: Battle Angel films after acquiring 20th Century Fox. James Cameron mentions In the “new movies” interview, from what he implies that he is working on more than one, it was originally planned to be a trilogy. However, the first film did not perform as desired, only earning a worldwide box office of just over $409 million on a production costing $170 million. Therefore, the figures did not justify that it was going to have a follow-up.

Alita will feed back on the work done on Avatar

avatar meaning water

Producer Jon Landau, speaking in May this year when asked about the sci-fi franchise, said: “We’re working on it,” Jon Landau said of Alita 2. “I think what we’ve learned from Avatar is that we can get more facial nuance and subtlety in the characters that we want them to be emotional, to have feelings even though they are humanoid. The first installment wouldn’t have been possible without what we did on Avatar. For its part, Avatar: The Sense of Water would not be what it is if it were not for what we did in the Robert Rodríguez film. And now we’re going to take that back and bring it back to the sci-fi saga. We are speaking with Robert Rodríguez and with Rosa Salazar. And all is well for now.” Which promises even better special effects for the sequels.

About the first movie

Alita 2: Christoph Waltz joins the campaign to make the film

When Alita (Rosa Salazar) wakes up with no memory of who she is in a future world she doesn’t recognize, Ido (Christoph Waltz), a compassionate doctor, realizes that somewhere in that abandoned cyborg shell lies the heart and soul. of a young woman with an extraordinary past. While Alita takes charge of her new life and learns to adapt to the dangerous streets of Iron City, Ido will try to protect her from her own past, while her new friend Hugo (Keean Johnson) becomes he will offer, instead, to help her unearth her memories. When the deadly and corrupt forces that run the city begin to hunt down Alita, she discovers a crucial clue to her past: she possesses unique combat abilities that those in power will want to control at all costs. Only by staying out of their reach will she be able to save her friends, her family, and the world she has grown to love. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, the film starred Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Jackie Earle Haley, Ed Skrein , Mahershala Ali, Lana Condor, Keean Johnson, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Eiza González, Leonard Wu, Elle LaMont and Marko Zaror among others.Wanting to see more Alita movies?

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