Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Within the context of the investment of 3,000 million dollars destined to the area of ​​Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) announced by Accenture, the company has decided to expand its collaboration with Microsoft, Google Cloud and AWS. The main objective is to help clients to make the most of generative AI responsibly. In addition to strengthening the training of professionals in these areas.

Accenture: Generative AI

Microsoft and the company will focus on helping organizations adopt generative AI to transform their businesses. Through their joint venture Avanade, they are developing AI-powered industrial and functional solutions using Microsoft Azure and other tools such as Microsoft 365 Copilot. These solutions will be applied in various sectors such as financial services, healthcare, supply chain, call center and security.

Accenture has expanded its collaboration with Microsoft, Google Cloud and AWS, with the aim of helping clients get the most out of generative AI

On the other hand, with Google Cloud they will collaborate to help organizations use generative AI to drive innovation and optimization. Using the capabilities of Accenture Google Business Group and Google Cloud’s leading AI tools, they will guide organizations in the secure and scalable use of generative AI to address specific business needs. In addition, the company and AWS, through Accenture AWS Business Group, will make investments to develop sector and cross-sector solutions based on generative AI. These investments will accelerate innovation, efficiencies and improve interactions with customers and employees in various sectors such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, customer care, supply chain and cybersecurity.

By Alvaro Rivers

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