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JM DeMatteis has always been valued as one of the key writers of the Spiderman story while Sal Buscema has been recognized for his worth over time. Together they forged a stage that now collects Panini Comics in a huge volume.

The collection that touched the soul

The Amazing Spider-Man It has always been the fundamental headline for the wall-crawling adventures, the one that recounted the most spectacular battles and served as the main narrative nucleus for those series that were coming out as a result of the enormous success that Peter Parker had been achieving month after month among American readers. When The Spectacular Spider-Man arrived, attention was divided between the stories of the superhero dressed in his suit while fighting crime and supervillains and those who looked around him.who sought to enrich their environment, reveal to us what was inside Peter Parker, leaving the hero less prominence to make way for the friendly neighbor and his great supporting characters.In Spectacular Spiderman we live up close how Aunt May found love again in the figure of Nathan Lubensky, They turned their little house in Queens into a retirement home with more octogenarian-looking friends and from time to time they received a visit from May’s favorite nephew and his wife, Mary Jane. But all that was behind us. at the beginning of this volume. Here we witness Harry Osborn’s glimpses of madness that returned him to the path of the Green Goblin, the consequences of the acts of a troubled Adrian Toomes who ends up receiving more than he deserves or the fight of Thomas Fireheart, El Puma, for contain your own anger. Without forgetting the repeated presence of Vermin in the saga that opens this volume, the mythical “The child you carry inside” and the one in which the drama of the character “The death of Vermin” was resolved.

Succeeding is not easy

And it is not because not all the stories we read have some differentiating factor, they pass without shame or glory, full of clichés or clichés that are constantly repeated. The success of this stage of DeMatteis and Buscema lies in its emotional component, in the emotional part of characters marked by fire by their personal dramas. From Parker to Osborn, passing through all the others, we see how suffering does not help the narrative to be simple, quite the contrary, it manages to reach the reader’s heart until it catches it and tears it to pieces, one suffers reading these pages but that at the same time It is a large part of what is enjoyed doing it. Precisely this type of reading permeates people more, takes them to certain moral extremes or directly splashes them. They ask questions whose answer is not as clear as saying yes or no, the kind that choke when we think what we would do if we had to go through something similar. Because the problems shown in this superhero comic are very real, a reflection of the society in which we live, of mental health at its limit, of the things that bind us, of the decisions that lead us down one path or another. And the detail is not in the tights of the suit, it is in the way of finishing certain plots bare-chested, of how Peter Parker has already defeated characters of the level of The Vulture long before wearing red and blue.

More than twenty high-level numbers in Spiderman

And chaining one saga after another. If with “The child you carry inside” they already established a chair as soon as it began, then came stories of three episodes each such as “Ritos Funerarios”, “El ojo del Puma” and “La muerte de Alimaña”. All this to lead to the four numbers that would reach the magic number of The Spectacular SpiderMan #200 with an adventure that began with a stellar appearance by the original formation of La Patrulla-X, who at that time were members of Factor-X, to end up resolving what had been happening with Harry Osborn’s psychotic episodes and his role as Green Goblin, with an outcome that served as inspiration for the third of Sam Raimi’s films about Spidey.

As you have been able to verify, there is no shortage of bait in these pages, which are completed with three issues of Spider-Man with a script by DeMatteis and drawing by Klaus Janson plus the content of Annuals #13 and #14 of the The Spectacular collection and a short story that was included in The Amazing Spider-Man #400 that with a plot by DeMatteis was scripted by Stan Lee himself. We can also enjoy the art of Bob McLeod, Aaron Lopresti, Tom Grummett, MC Wyman or Jerry Bingham, among others. A true lesson in how to make a superhero comic where what really counts is what’s inside, beyond appearances. For stories like these, Sal Buscema deserves recognition on the same level as his brother, “Big” John.

MARVEL Heroes The Spectacular Spider-Man by JM DeMatteis and Sal Buscema

MARVEL Heroes The Spectacular Spider-Man by JM DeMatteis and Sal BuscemaQualification: : Marvel Heroes. The Spectacular Spider-Man by JM DeMatteis and Sal Buscemaurl : comicsAuthor : VVAAFormat : PaperbackPublication date : 2023-06-15ISBN : 9788411504799Description : Finally compiled in a single and absolutely essential volume, the legendary stage of JM DeMatteis and Sal Buscema in front of Spider-Man. The scriptwriter who had signed “Kraven’s Last Hunt”, a milestone in the history of the wall-crawler, joined one of his classic cartoonists, who had developed a surprising evolution, to develop a series of shocking adventures that delved into the Peter Parker’s traumas and some of his worst enemies: Vermin, The Vulture, Rino, The Puma, Electro… and The Green Goblin, back in the immortal classic that could only be called “The child in you”! Jesús Salvador Gómez 4.5 4.50 5 Average rating User Rating /5 ( Be the first! Votes )

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