Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Explainable AI technology addresses the “black box” phenomenon in AI, increasing understanding and transparency of predictions and conclusions. It provides insight into how decisions are made, identifies biases and outliers, and ensures fairness of results. Recognizing this benefit, Fujitsu Limited has announced a strategic agreement with Informa D&B to deliver new value by bringing XAI technology to the industry. of business and financial information. “Fujitsu is very pleased to sign this collaboration agreement with Informa D&B. Through it, an explainable artificial intelligence technology, XAI, will show its full potential to the 4.5 million Informa users in Spain, which is a clear demonstration of what Fujitsu is capable of doing in a differential way.” explains Ángeles Delgado, president of Fujitsu Spain.

Fujitsu and Informa: Explainable AI

Fujitsu and Informa are committed to bringing transformative innovation to the industry by introducing this technology, which will allow Informa’s 4.5 million users in Spain to access highly sophisticated data in an agile and efficient manner, significantly improving the quality of business information solutions.

AI technology mitigates risks, including bias, through a transparent methodology, transforming decision-making for 4.5 million users in Spain

Under the agreement, Fujitsu will deploy explainable AI technology to process and analyze large volumes of data, categorize it, and provide accurate predictions with full transparency and visibility. This alliance responds to the need to address risk and fraud issues that go beyond to a single sector. In a world where risks, including financial fraud, have become increasingly sophisticated, an evolved and explainable AI is crucial.

By Alvaro Rivers

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