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Metal Gear Solid has been on everyone’s lips since Konami announced the return of the franchise in a big way. A talented girl took advantage of the occasion to give her boyfriend an attractive gift, who is a fan of the popular saga. Twitter user cyanideale showed off the surprise gift that she prepared for her partner due to her anniversary. The players were delighted with the detail, as it looks spectacular and is something that any Metal Gear Solid fan would like to have.
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Metal Gear Solid themed gift enchants the community

The young woman is dedicated to building striking dioramas inspired by video games. So she came up with the idea of โ€‹โ€‹using her talents in 3D printing for a cool Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater box. In it we see an iconic art of the title of Hideo Kojima, the box of the game for PlayStation 2 and the disc as such. It is a decorative detail that caught the attention of many players due to its great appearance. As if that were not enough, the girl designed a magnet with the iconic game CODEC interface, which she accompanied with a special message: โ€œI love you very much. Happy Anniversary”. Quite a few people were interested in her work, because they think she makes perfect gifts for video game lovers. Surely, the young woman’s couple was very happy with the gift based on her favorite franchise. On her part, it seems that cyanideale is also happy, since her publication caught the attention of many people. This has allowed her to receive various commissions, which will undoubtedly boost her work even more. Below you can see the brand new collectible:

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