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In an increasingly connected world, we cannot ignore the importance of having an efficient network that meets the needs of users. Whether it’s a crowded shopping mall, a crowded stadium or a large hotel complex, having a stable network without interruptions is key to staying connected. But achieving this is not as easy as it seems, since the network infrastructures implemented in this type of of spaces have a limited capacity to handle the large number of devices connected at the same time, which results in a significant slowdown in speed, interruptions, data loss and, in general, a bad experience for users.

Network for crowded environments

How then can we deal with these connectivity challenges that arise in crowded environments? There are some solutions that TP-Link, a global provider of network and Smart Home devices, would like to highlight:Implementation of technologies such as Wi-Fi 6, which has been specifically designed to operate with large amounts of information and connected devices simultaneously. In addition, intelligent networks can be used that prioritize data traffic based on the importance and need of each piece of equipment. Incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, useful for predicting traffic patterns and adjusting the network accordingly. Even Wi-Fi mesh networks, which consist of multiple access points working together to form a larger, more efficient network, are highly effective in these environments. With these solutions, network coverage is improved, which is not always as optimal as required in large, open spaces such as stadiums or outdoor festivals. Omada SDN solution, which is TP-Link’s software-defined networking platform that makes facing the problem of the growing demand for connectivity. This solution is a valuable tool for busy environments by integrating a multitude of devices between access points, switches and routers, creating a highly scalable network with secure and stable wired and wireless connections in all kinds of situations. Its implementation and maintenance are simple, and its centralized network management platform, remotely from the cloud or from physical controllers, make Omada SDN a cutting-edge solution that works at full capacity and always with maximum security, to guarantee that users can connect smoothly and without problems to the Internet.

The network that connects everyone: how to achieve efficient infrastructure in crowded spaces

This tool combines two key technologies that allow you to manage your large-scale network quickly and easily. One of them is artificial intelligence, which provides efficient Wi-Fi operation by changing the channel settings and transmission power of neighboring access points on the same network, as well as analyzing possible problems in the network and sending notifications to users to propose solutions. The second technology is Zero-Touch Provisioning, which is the ability to manage connected devices remotely without having to resort to the IT department, since it does not require deep technical knowledge, thus allowing network owners to reduce costs by implementation and maintenance. In addition, the Omada SDN solution has the ability to deploy an efficient Wi-Fi network in crowded spaces with a high number of clients. With high-end chipsets, dedicated antennas, automatic channel selection and transmitter power adjustment, Omada Wi-Fi 6 access points offer high performance in any environment, especially one with a large number of people.

Plan Renew 2023

The Internet has become an integral part of modern business and is essential to the success of any company looking to grow and improve its competitiveness. Thanks to these connections, in addition to being able to connect with customers and suppliers anywhere in the world to sell their products or services to a wider audience, they can also explore a new way of doing business. Therefore, it is important that the network infrastructure and all the devices that integrate it are as up-to-date as possible. To avoid outdated networks that do not perform as expected, TP-Link makes its Renewal Plan available to companies, with which modernizing the network is not a headache. During 2023, all those businesses that want to change their old network for a cutting-edge solution, such as the Omada SDN solution, will be able to benefit from up to a 30% discount on the acquisition of new TP-Link equipment or equivalent brands. Renew your Wi-Fi access points, switches, controllers and routers with the TP-Link Renewal Plan and improve the efficiency, security, speed, stability and scalability of your business network. A connected society is a society that progress. And TP-Link seeks precisely that through the Omada SDN solution, to provide a stable, fast and secure connection so that people, companies and communities can communicate and exchange information in a fluid and efficient way. Omada is much more than a network solution, it is a catalyst for development and digital transformation.

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