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The Huawei Cloud Summit Spain 2023 has taken place in Spain for the first time, under the motto “New Changer, New Rocker”. At the event held on July 5, more than 200 Huawei industry leaders, specialists and experts gathered to explore how Huawei Cloud supports various business sectors and drives the growth of the digital economy in Spain. During the summit, The company’s technological advances and business plans for Europe have been shared, as well as the way in which Spanish companies will be helped to achieve digital success and make the vision of “Digital Spain 2026” a reality. Spain more than 22 years. We are proud to have the opportunity to accompany the country on its path towards digitization, introducing new technologies that have allowed Spain to become a leader in Connectivity among European countries”, says Eric Li, President of Huawei Spain.

Huawei Cloud Summit Spain 2023

In his keynote speech, Tim highlighted the three main innovations that Huawei Cloud has brought to European companies. “Over the past decades, the cloud has been the main driving force behind the productivity leap, bringing us the ultimate experience, high efficiency and a new business model. These changes have boosted various industries; the streaming business, for example, characterized by ultra-low latency and real-time interaction, a new form of electronic commerce; factories with fully automated production, or a state-of-the-art Huawei mobile phone that can be produced in just 28.5 seconds. Going forward, we will continuously create more value for customers and partners in Europe, with innovative technology, shared expertise and a trusted ecosystem.”

The Huawei Cloud Summit Spain 2023 arrives in our country to promote a totally digital Spain

Activate the digital “trigger” of Spain

To achieve a fully digitized Spain by 2026, it is crucial that businesses, SMEs and public services engage in exploring and adopting digitization. Huawei Cloud maintains that the implementation of the Spain Digital 2026 plan will bring new growth opportunities for local industries. With more than 30 years of experience in developing technology and solutions in the field of telecommunications, Huawei is committed to helping in this process. Its goal is to seize these opportunities and become digital pioneers, providing the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve success in the digital realm. Specifically, for public services, “Huawei Cloud uses AI to intelligently detect and process the city ​​events, improving management efficiency; for education, actively promotes the deep integration of digital technologies and teaching.

Technology explores the new productivity

The strategy of the Spain Digital 2026 plan shows a clear sign of the enormous opportunities for all sectors of society, but it has also raised new challenges in the digital development of companies and in the deployment of infrastructures. On the one hand, companies must consider how to obtain more resources, guarantee the operation of the business and continue to innovate. On the other hand, they must consider how to reduce costs, increase efficiency within the company, and control costs.

“Win win” collaboration between partners to create a better future

Huawei Cloud will continue to work together with its partners to provide and develop a large-scale cloud ecosystem in Spain. During the event, in the exhibition area, Huawei and its partners displayed the most advanced technologies and solutions on screens. It is essential that small businesses also have a strong support in terms of cloud technology. SMEs are a vital component in Spain and have made significant economic contributions. Huawei Cloud will continue to support SMEs to improve their digital capabilities and help them achieve success in the digital environment.

By Alvaro Rivers

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