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We recently told you about a 7-year-old boy who won the North American Pokémon International Championship (NAIC) in the Junior category. That wasn’t the only surprise of the event, however, as a rookie player defeated a 25-time champion in franchise tournaments.
The final got intense As you probably remember, the popular Pokémon event took place last weekend in the United States, where different players sought to get the necessary points to qualify for the World Championship that will take place in Japan in mid-August. One of the big surprises was that rising star Owen Murphy won the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet North American International Championships in the Senior category, defeating his opponent, Justin Miranda-Radbord, who has a tremendous record of 25 wins in this class. tournaments. Here you can see the final:

How did the rookie manage to become champion?

Most impressive of all, the rookie accomplished this feat throughout the tournament with a choice of Pokémon that many find “unlucky” as he used Murkrow, the Dark- and Flying-type crow, on his team. However, while some users do not take these beliefs seriously, it is still rare that a Pokémon like Murkrow can do well in a competitive tournament. Still, its Joker Ability, which gives all its non-offensive moves +1 priority, made it an ideal Pokémon to support its teammates in double battles and take its trainer to the finals.
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Once at the last resort, Murphy decided not to use his raven in any of the 3 games in the final against Justin Miranda-Radbord, though he was still able to do enough to pull out the win.
The official WTTSpod t-shirts have arrived – GET YOURS HERE Now, Owen Murphy has become a promise for tournaments of this class by beating who is already a VGC legend like Radbord, so it will be better to follow his steps to see what he will be capable of in the future. future. What do you think of the championship result? Tell us in the comments. Stay informed at WTTSpod.
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