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The retail sector has experienced notable growth in recent years, becoming one of the most important markets in Spain, contributing 4.7% of the national GDP, according to INE data. Growth in the sector is favored by the appearance of new technologies, such as data analysis, which not only professionalize and optimize this industry, but also manage to benefit the agents involved. “The field of data offers countless advantages in those sectors where it lands, among which is the retail. The results of the projects in which we have worked reflect that data analysis represents a differential advantage for those businesses that take advantage of it”, says Verónica Bello, Client Director at Designit and speaker at the event.

3 advantages of data analysis in retail

Among the technological solutions that have been integrated as key tools for development, is the use and analysis of data, which would imply several advantages that make a direct difference between the companies that use it:Improved understanding of customers. One of the main benefits of using data in retail is based on the great source of information it provides for retailers. In this sense, having this data considerably increases the understanding of customers by offering a broad vision of their needs, preferences and behaviors.Personalization of user experiences. The increase in knowledge about the tastes and lifestyle of customers facilitates, in turn, the personalization of user experiences. This is one of the main demands on the part of consumers, who positively value receiving communications, recommendations and commercial proposals that fit their lifestyle and consumption habits.

Designit will participate in Best!N Retail, the industry benchmark event that will bring together retail experts next Thursday, July 6

Optimization of resource and inventory management. Likewise, those retailers that work with the data achieve an optimization of the management of resources and inventories, allowing them to anticipate future demand and avoid surplus problems. By knowing this volume of data, more effective pricing and promotion strategies can be established based on them, generating a greater impact on sales and profits.

Designit shares its experience in the sector at Best!N Retail

Designit has led various projects for major retailers such as Sephora and Inditex. With the aim of sharing its experience and connecting with professionals in the sector, the company will participate in the second edition of Best!N Retail on July 6. This event will bring together marketing and communication leaders from companies in the retail sector. Verónica Bello, Director of Clients at Designit, will give a talk entitled ‘Strategic Retail, New Horizons’ at 10:45 am in the Zenit space in Madrid. In addition, this conference will feature the participation of leading professionals from the business sector such as Fnac , Manolo Bakes and Grupo Dia, who will share the latest trends and news in the retail industry.

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