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Man and woman are shaking hands in office. Collaborative teamwork. Business professionals Teleworking policies, internal communication channels and online training capture the attention of People Management teams and drive the digitization of HR processes. The digitization of Human Resources processes requires aligning people, processes and technology with commercial business objectives. Along these lines, as companies seek more flexible, efficient, and scalable software solutions, Software as a Service (SaaS) is rapidly gaining ground. In fact, SaaS is positioned as an unstoppable trend and, according to Microsoft studies(1), it is estimated that it will represent 55% of the total investment of companies in 2026, with an annual growth rate of 18%, exceeding the 8,000 million euros per year in applications in the cloud. Without going any further, Microsoft has announced this year the end of support for products in On Premise modalities and the end of their new sale to new customers as of April 2025. The adoption of SaaS in HR management helps companies to work with flexible and scalable solutions for talent management, allowing the integration and automation of various tasks such as recruitment, performance management, training and social benefits with payroll. However, at this point, customers are becoming increasingly demanding and are constantly looking for comprehensive and customized solutions that improve the efficiency and sustainability of their processes, and this is where strategic alliances become essential. Forrester already announced it in 2020 “More than 70% of all global revenues in the software sector, internationally, can be attributed to third-party channels.” The same thing happens in the HR field, decentralization and collaboration between companies specialized in the Human Resources market. Capital Management (HCM) continue to grow. These strategic alliances combine strengths and experience to offer more complete solutions adapted to the needs of organizations, especially in relation to constant legal changes and new regulations such as transfers, equality plans, the complaints channel or compensation systems. flexible.

Grupo Castilla is one of the leading Spanish companies in knowledge services and software for people management

Strategic allies not only provide technology, but also knowledge in the field. Both specific collaborations and a stable distribution channel or even technological integrations with third-party manufacturers are the order of the day to cover all these needs in organizations.

Do you know the Grupo Castilla Partners channel?

Grupo Castilla is one of the leading Spanish companies in knowledge services and software for people management, with a unique 360ยบ approach in the market. Founded in 1979, initially as a technology-based company, it has evolved to become the HR Partner of its more than 3,600 clients. It has a team of more than 300 professionals and a network of 21 offices throughout the national territory. Its offer of SaaS HCM solutions stands out for its robustness and scalability. Its team of experts provides support and personalized advice at each stage of the journey, be it a one-off HR digitization or a comprehensive HCM implementation. It is in this combination of people and technology, where the true differential value of a strategic collaboration resides. Its value proposition is innovative because it integrates knowledge services and technological solutions to ensure the global needs of the end customer in the field of people management. The Grupo Castilla Partners channel opens up new business opportunities, offering the support of a company specialized and with a long history in the market.

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