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This article contains spoilers for the Oshi no Ko manga. Reader discretion is advised.
A few weeks ago we reported that fans of the manga written by aka akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari, Oshi no Kothey had begun to generate quite particular memes. These images from the internet were specifically geared towards the theme of incest, but to understand them you need to have the context of the most recent chapters of the manga.
Let’s remember that Oshi no Ko tells the story of a doctor and his patient, a fairly young girl, who die and are reborn as the twin sons of Ai Hoshino, their favorite idol. The story progresses to the death of both of them, with Aqua Hoshino (the new identity of the doctor) knowing in advance that Ruby Hoshino (the new identity of the patient) is the reincarnation of her old patient. This information is kept secret by Aqua throughout the work, but that changed in the most recent chapter of the manga, when he finally revealed to Ruby the truth about her past life, closing the chapter with a hug between them. This is what finally sparked the trend of posting incest memes starring siblings Aqua and Ruby, as fans believe Ruby can finally jump right into the romance story.

It should be noted that Ruby’s popularity had gone unnoticed for most of the manga, especially since she wasn’t considered a romantic interest, so fans didn’t feel the need to support her in any way. It seems that this finally changed with the most recent chapter, but Aka Akasaka didn’t want to leave it there.
The leaks of the next chapter of Oshi no Ko are already circulating, and they point to the presence of a scene that only strengthened the hopes of the readers to see the brothers become a couple: it turns out that Ruby Hoshino reminds her now brother that in their past lives they promised to get married when she turned 16, and now she is that age.

This chapter has not yet been officially published, but most already take the leaks as true (especially since they come from very reliable sources). The most interesting thing is that the next chapter will close precisely with this scene, so there will be many more memes related to incest that will be circulating on social networks in the coming weeks.
What will happen later? Will Aka Akasaka continue with a serious development for this pair of brothers who loved each other so much in their past lives? Or will she just say that it was all a joke between them and just continue their family relationship as before? No clues yet, but perhaps those more familiar with Akasaka-sensei’s writing style may have a more reliable idea of ​​what’s to come.
In the meantime, enjoy the memes that come out of Oshi no Ko!

When Aqua and Ruby pretended to be divine reincarnations as babies, Ruby mentioned being Amaterasu. In mythology, Amaterasu was married to her brother, Tsukuyomi.

Makima against death, war and people who support incest in Oshi no Ko.

Readers who had left Oshi no Ko just returned, finding a “pleasant” surprise.

A reference to Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

Colorized panel of Ruby Hoshino declaring her romantic intentions towards her brother.

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