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Mark Kern, a former Blizzard producer, recently sparked controversy by claiming that Xbox Game Pass will become a kind of casino in the future. Xbox fans defended the service tooth and nail, so they started a discussion with the creative. The developer received a wave of criticism on social networks, but did not remain silent. In response, he claimed that many Xbox fans are actually “paid companies or bots” that are part of a “corporate war.” As you can imagine, his comments were not well received. Xbox gamers raised their voices to protest and claim that they are not bots and that they are not paid. Given this, the developer made other comments that raised the tone of the conversation.

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Players respond to dev who called them bots

Kern set Twitter on fire with his comment about the bots, as he addressed the entire Xbox community that follows the news of the brand through social networks. The company’s fans were quick to respond with criticism, memes, and comments full of sarcasm. “Nothing is real. I’m a paid Xbox and Microsoft gamer who’s been playing since the early days of the 360 ​​and 143,000 gamescore backs everything I’ve been paid to be an Xbox fan,” said one gamer.

Kern’s messages not only caught the attention of gamers, but also Josh Munsee, Xbox’s director of marketing. The manager clarified that Xbox and Microsoft do not pay companies to act as fans or create fake accounts.

Despite this, the developer added that “all companies manipulate social networks” and that Xbox fans are part of that phenomenon. Which made it rain down even more criticism from the players. “Xbox fans, who were manipulated by said forces, tried to reframe and distract from the core issues by saying things like ‘oh, he’s a PlayStation shill’ or ‘this guy called me a bot,’” Kern added. .

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