Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Today, in a fully digitized business world, companies need new ways to increase efficiency, productivity, and agility. The answer lies in having software systems committed to innovation, flexible and intelligent that automate processes, adapt to the most specific needs of the business and boost productivity and growth. Aqua eBS is a flexible and global ERP that allows integration seamless and advanced automation in all areas of the business, from finance to customer management. Its magic touch lies in its use of the most advanced iRPA technology (bots), which guarantees efficient and agile companies. But, what differentiates Aqua eBS from the rest of the ERP systems? The true point of innovation of Aqua eBS lies in its high capacity for integration with external applications and automation. Thanks to an innovative management with iRPA technology (bots), Aqua eBS facilitates seamless integration and synchronization with any external system, and automates processes effectively. The result? Reduction of human errors, greater operational efficiency and agility, and, therefore, a significant increase in productivity. Aqua eBS also stands out for being a customizable ERP that adapts to the needs of each company, through a powerful development environment. own. And not only that, its scalable and modular model allows companies to grow at the rate they need, incorporating new features as their requirements evolve.

The ERP Aqua eBS understands that each company is unique. Therefore, it offers flexible deployment models

Aqua eBS covers all areas of business management, from finance and supply chain to customer management, warehouse, production, projects and e-commerce, all on a single platform. And it stands out for providing vertical solutions with specific functionality for different industries, adapting to the most particular needs of each sector of activity. Informed decision-making is essential for any company, and in this area Aqua eBS facilitates this function thanks to its powerful reporting capabilities and data analysis, offering an accurate and real-time view of the business, which contributes to effective and accurate decision-making. Aqua eBS understands that every company is unique. For this reason, it offers flexible implementation models, which include implementation in the cloud, on-premise or under a hybrid model. And we cannot forget its commitment to innovation. Aqua eBS keeps up with the latest technology and functionality, regularly updating its solutions through new versions to regulatory changes, such as the SII, the new VAT rates, the Anti-Fraud Law and the TicketBAI, among others. So, Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Choose Aqua eBS, the intelligent ERP that adapts to you!

By Alvaro Rivers

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