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Following the cancellation of the original plans for PvE content, it’s clear that Overwatch 2 is experiencing a difficult time and struggling to meet the demands of its community. Although the promise of receiving cooperative game modes that expand the narrative is still present, everything seems to indicate that players will have to be patient. The free title from Blizzard Entertainment will receive its first batch of story missions on August 10. The bundle includes 3 levels that will take place in Toronto, Rio de Janeiro and Gothenburg; each map will have complex objectives and will expand the narrative with cinematic sequences. It will cost $15 USD, according to reports.

It looks like Overwatch 2’s next story missions will arrive in 2024

Unfortunately, it seems that this will be the only round that will arrive in Overwatch 2 in 2023. This was indicated by executive producer Jared Neuss, who anticipated that the next 2 seasons will not include story missions. He argues that they want to wait to make any relevant changes based on community feedback. Don’t wait for the next round [de misiones de historia] in the next season or the next, or something like that. It’s a lot like trying to find the balance between quickly presenting [las misiones de la historia] to the players because we love the stories and give us enough time to make changes or add features, ”said the executive producer in a live broadcast with the player Emongg.
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Because Overwatch 2 seasons last 6 weeks, it seems unlikely that there will be more story missions in 2023. Of course, Jared Neuss refrained from revealing a release date for the next round. “To be fair, there are a lot of things we want to do next year, or are already in development for next year that will fill in the gaps in between. We try to make it not feel like ‘there’s nothing’ for long periods. It’s more like ‘there’s something cool’ and ‘there’s this other narrative thing’; we will tell interesting stories and we will move everything forward,” said Jared Neuss. Of course, this news disappointed Overwatch 2 fans who are hoping for more PvE content that expands the narrative. Of course, the lore and background of the franchise will grow outside of the game. Last week, Blizzard Entertainment announced an anime-style animated miniseries set before the events of the first game. But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Do you think it is the best option? Do you think more story missions should come? Let us read you in the comments. Overwatch 2 is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Click here to read more related news.
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