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Director James Mangold explains the ideas he came up with for the ending of Indiana Jones 5.

Attention SPOILERS. The movie Indiana Jones 5, the new installment of the most famous adventure film archaeologist played by Harrison Ford, can now be enjoyed in theaters. However, according to director James Mangold in an interview with Inverse, the story could have had a completely different final act. “I would never make this decision without thinking through many options. The other interesting thing was that one of the ideas I thought of was even if we traveled back in time, would Mads’s theory be correct and they would land in Nazi Germany? And the last act of the movie would be Indy trying to thwart Mads’ plan? But the more I sketched that out in my mind, the more it became kind of like a spy movie by the end. I couldn’t find the way to emotional resonance. It occurred to me that we’ve been talking a lot about three different time periods in the movie: 1968, 1944, and 200 B.C. C. I have heard a lot but I have not seen”. James Mangold said.

The villain’s plan doesn’t work out.

In Indiana Jones 5, Doctor Voller, played by Mads Mikkelsen, intends to use the dial of fate to travel back in time to 1939 and replace Hitler as leader of the Nazis. But, according to the words of James Mangold, the story contemplated a different turn. Instead of being transported to 200 BC, the couple of Indy and Voller would actually go back to 1939. In the end, he decided to send it to 200 BC. C., so that he lived everything that he has studied during his life. “The idea moved me immediately. Indy’s character would suddenly be faced with something he’s only imagined his entire life. The reality of something he’s just been looking at through the keyhole of history and artifacts and suddenly he’s at it. And what a powerful moment that could be for Harrison Ford to play himself.” James Mangold said.

First official poster of Indiana Jones 5 By now, the movie Indiana Jones 5 is doing well at the box office and has received great reviews. So it seems that they have succeeded with the decisions they have taken. Do you like the end of Indiana Jones 5? Leave us your comments below. In addition, it must be remembered that the rest of the installments of the saga can be seen on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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