Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Generative AI has become a powerful tool for HR departments looking to increase productivity in organizations. Through advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, this technology has the ability to autonomously create content, make decisions, and deliver solutions. Following these qualities, Oracle today announced the addition of generative AI-powered capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud. Human Capital Management (HCM). In this way, and with the support of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s (OCI) generative AI service, new capabilities are integrated into existing HR processes to enable faster realization of business value, to improve productivity, the candidate and employee experience, and to streamline HR processes. “Generative AI is driving productivity and unlocking a new world of skills, ideas and creativity that can have an immediate impact on the workplace,” says Chris Leone, executive vice president of application development for Oracle Cloud HCM.

Generative AI in the HR department

The generative AI capabilities in Oracle Cloud HCM are based on OCI and leverage its world-class AI services to deliver high levels of security, performance, and business value. Oracle Cloud HCM enables customers to use their own data to fine-tune business models. Generative AI based on your specific needs, ensuring models fit uniquely to customer data.

New Generative AI-Powered Capabilities in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM Improve Efficiency and Streamline HR Processes for Candidates, Employees, Managers, and Recruiters

New built-in generative AI capabilities include:assisted creation: Allows employees, managers and HR managers to create content quickly and easily, and significantly improve productivity and efficiency in time. Starting with a brief indication, such as a working title for a job application or a performance goal, new generative AI capabilities can quickly articulate content for users to browse, review and approve, freeing them to focus on higher-value activities. added.Suggestions: Guide users to achieve faster and better results based on natural language processing and best practices. New suggestions powered by generative AI in Oracle Cloud HCM not only improve user success, but help people complete tasks with greater speed and accuracy.Abstracts: It helps increase efficiency by pulling out key insights from one or more data sources. New generative AI capabilities can summarize the key elements of a piece of content for easy and impactful consumption. For example, they can provide a summary of the employee’s performance for presentation in the employee’s periodic review cycle, based on feedback collected throughout the year from themselves, their peers or bosses, and on the progress and achievement of his objectives.

By Alvaro Rivers

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