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The Pokémon community does not go around half measures and knows that everything, absolutely everything that has to do with the franchise is collectible or can be preserved in one way or another. Such is the case with the news that we have today and that is related to fans who decided that the design work inspired by the IP would not be lost forever.
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More than 500 unique Pokémon designs were saved by fans

According to a report from Nintendo Life, a group of Pokémon fans and archivists were given the task of downloading and saving the more than 500 unique designs that were used on shirts, t-shirts and other clothing from the Original Stitch company, which announced a few years ago a collection inspired by the successful franchise, Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt and warned that the closure of operations would take place on June 11, so the community got to work.

The bankruptcy of Original Stitch and the end of its operations immediately put at risk the Pokémon-inspired designs that were created for this line of clothing and related products. Hence, the fans thought of acting immediately and not waiting for the official site to stop operating to digitally preserve the hundreds of designs that will now be the historical testimony of a Pokémon clothing line and the best thing is that the effort set only took 6 hours. Original Stitch announced the Pokémon clothing line in 2019, sadly, difficulties caused his business to fall apart. Follow here, at WTTSpod.
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