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After many rumors, he will soon confirm who Marvel’s Invisible Woman is and everything points to an actress.

For a few weeks now, it has been speculated that Marvel’s new Sue Storm / Invisible Woman will be Margot Robbie. But, the latest reports reveal that she has not accepted the role. For this reason, now there is another interpreter who has placed herself at number one on the list. This is Vanessa Kirby, who is about to release Mission Impossible 7 and who we have also seen in Fragments of a Woman (2020) and the series The Crown. Do you think she is a good choice? Would you like more to get the signing of Margot Robbie? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.

Vanessa Kirby (Image by cordonpress)

Sue Storm has to be a very important character in the MCU.

Marvel’s Invisible Woman, also known as Sue Storm-Richards, is an iconic character from the comic book universe. Over the years, she has been an integral part of the Fantastic Four, one of the publisher’s most popular superhero teams. Her ability to render herself invisible and generate force fields make her a powerful and indispensable figure in the fight against evil. Marvel’s Invisible Woman was created by legendary writer Stan Lee and talented artist Jack Kirby, and her first appearance was produced in The Fantastic Four #1 in November 1961. As a founding member of the team, Sue Storm became a key mainstay of the series from its inception. In her early appearances, the character had a more passive role and was seen in a supporting role, reflecting some of the gender stereotypes of the time. However, over time, Sue Storm became a stronger and more autonomous figure, developing her own potential as a hero and leader.

Marvel's Invisible Woman

Marvel’s Invisible Woman Her primary powers include invisibility and the ability to create psionic force fields. With the ability to render herself invisible, she can become undetectable to the naked eye, allowing her to infiltrate, escape, and surprise her enemies. Her ability to generate force fields from her allows her to shield herself and others from attack, create defensive barriers, and manipulate objects and people with these energies. In addition to her supernatural powers, Sue Storm is an intelligent tactician and a charismatic leader. His abilities are often combined with those of his teammates Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Johnny Storm (Human Torch) and Ben Grimm (The Thing) to face ever-increasing challenges.Now, all we can do is wait to find out who will be the Invisible Woman of Marvel. Meanwhile, we can review the other installments of The Fantastic Four on Disney Plus with this link.

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