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Xbox and SEGA have worked closely for years, so Microsoft considered the idea of ​​buying the Japanese company in 2020. Some gamers believe that Xbox should not abandon this plan and go after the developer after it completes its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. However, it seems unlikely that SEGA will join Xbox Game Studios, at least in the short term. The reason? Shuji Utsumi, SEGA’s co-director of operations, assured that they are not for sale or open to possible negotiations. Of course, he stressed that he works with Microsoft and Xbox has been a great experience.
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SEGA has no interest in negotiating its possible sale

The manager was questioned about the interest of Microsoft and Xbox in acquiring SEGA, information that came to light in hearings with the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Utsumi was direct and stated that they have no interest in any kind of takeover offer. He added that his relationship with Microsoft has been and still is very good. He highlighted the work of Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond, directors of Xbox, because he believes that they have done a great job in the industry. Despite this, they are not interested in joining Xbox Game Studios. “We are very close to Microsoft and have a great relationship with their management team. Microsoft particularly has great respect for us. Xbox’s Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond take very seriously the values ​​that stand out among video game fans,” said Utsumi. Documents revealed that Microsoft wanted to acquire SEGA to power Xbox Game Pass and make major franchises come to Xbox without fail. Their approach was to keep the titles as cross-platform releases, but make them day 1 releases on their services. Microsoft noticed the study for its important sagas and for all that it implies in the Asian market, a region where Xbox has struggled for years to grow.
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