Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

In Spanish hospitals, the Nursing Auxiliary Care Techniques (TCAE) they continue to face challenges due to lack of recognition and precarious working conditions. According to a new study presented by CC OO, it is estimated that around 47,000 professionals are missing to achieve the optimal ratio of one TCAE for each nurse in health centers. The report highlights that the ratios of patients for TCAE are excessively high due to the shortage of personnel. According to the study, the 47% of the workers attend between 10 and 14 patients per shift, while 24% take care of more than 15 patients. This contrasts with the optimal ratios proposed, which should be around 6-8 patients per TCAE. The lack of suitable personnel is also reflected in the insufficient total remuneration received, which on average is around of 1,200 euros per month, about 600 euros less than nurses.
The TCAE interviewed in the study expressed feeling “invisible” due to the lack of definition and updating of their functions. The functions of these workers were established in 1973 and they have not adapted to the changes and advances in the health care system. This lack of clarity in job responsibilities leads to an uneven distribution of tasks and situations of frustration and stress among team members.

Reclassify the TCAE collective

In addition, the report highlights the lack of reconciliation between work and family life for TCAE, mostly women. The rotating shifts and limitations on exceedances by caring for family members and reductions in working hours make it difficult for these workers to organize themselves and their families. Faced with these problems, CC OO raises a series of demands in the report. In addition to reclassifying the group of TCAE in group C1 In order to obtain recognition according to their training, it is urged to clearly define and update their functions, improve the ratios of patients per professional and increase investment in personnel and resources in health centers. The high ratios, the lack of recognition and the difficulty of reconciling work and family life are some of the challenges highlighted in the report. Specific demands are made for improve working conditions and guarantee health care quality in hospitals.

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