Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

From the 50th floor of the Torre de Cristal, located in the financial heart of Madrid and the current headquarters of KPMG, the InnovaRH awards ceremony was held, organized by CentRHo by Netexplo. Said awards highlighted the most impressive proposals in the field of RR.HH in the year 2023, under the objective of promoting and recognizing the implementation of innovative digital solutions that affect all aspects of personnel management. “The mission of these awards is to promote the quality of life of workers and the competitiveness of companies, as well as maximizing the impact of these innovative initiatives in the field of HR to inspire more professionals, companies and, ultimately, people, to contribute, through innovation in the workplace, to improve our lives”, comments Rafael Cabarcos, president of the CentRHo Human Resources Management Association.

InnovaRH Awards

In the Cigna Healthcare category, an innovative tool has been developed that uses machine-learning to measure people’s stress levels through their voice in just 60 seconds. And it is that constant stress affects 78% of Spaniards, generating health and well-being problems such as physical pain, fatigue, low mood and irritability.

Cigna Healthcare, Biwel Salud Empresarial and U4IMPACT, winners of the third edition of the InnovaRH awards

On the other hand, Biwel Salud Empresarial has been awarded for its innovative initiative as the best human resources services company. Its platform brings together wellness services that cover more than 90% of the company’s needs. It offers social benefits, training activities, gamified online challenges and more than 600 multimedia content on healthy habits. Regarding the “Best innovative initiative of a HR services ‘startup'”, U4IMPACT has achieved recognition for being the platform that connects companies with university talent from all over Spain to develop innovation, sustainability and impact projects through the Final Degree or Master’s Projects (TFG/M). The benefits are two-way: companies have access to qualified high-potential talent who have academic incentives (TFG/M) to work with them on projects, while universities can offer their students the opportunity to participate in initiatives that allow them to improve their employability. , promote the transfer of knowledge and promote the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. U4IMPACT is already used by leading companies such as CaixaBank, Bizum, Fain, Schindler, Ilunion, Tendam, Ecoalf, OHLA and more.

By Alvaro Rivers

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