Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Generative AI has revolutionized various fields, such as art, music, and content creation. However, as this technology advances, there are also concerns about security gaps that may arise. To address this issue, Plain Concepts has designed an Azure OpenAI Adoption Framework, which defines the framework, architecture, governance , security, integrations and use cases that can lead to successful adoption. “The debate is no longer if we have to integrate Artificial Intelligence in our corporation, but how we guarantee that it represents an exponential leap in the efficiency of processes and the production, that it be a robust and repeatable model and that it does not compromise security”, says Quique Martínez, CEO of Plain Concepts.

Generative AI in the business sector

Pre-trained algorithms such as GPT are powerful language models capable of recognizing, summarizing, translating, predicting, and generating human-like content.

The program helps companies harness the abilities of AI models to generate maximum business impact and prevent data leaks.

These models find applications in various industries, providing benefits in areas such as customer data analysis, personalized recommendations, predictive maintenance, market forecasts, detection of anomalous activities, among many other possibilities.

By Alvaro Rivers

Award-winning student. Incurable social media fanatic. Music scholar. Beer maven. Writer.