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Director Wes Anderson knows about the popular TikTok trend and doesn’t seem enthusiastic about the idea.

The acclaimed Wes Anderson, has made strong statements about the popular TikTok trend known as Anderson-izing (Andersonize) in a recent interview with Le Monde. In addition, he has revealed exciting details about his new movie, Asteroid City, and offered a sneak peek at his upcoming film project starring Benicio Del Toro. Wes Anderson has not been indifferent to the trend on TikTok that has been dubbed Andersonize. This consists of recreating everyday events with the distinctive aesthetic of the director’s films. Users use symmetrical shots, pastel colors and Alexandre Desplat’s iconic Obituary song, which is part of the soundtrack of The French Dispatch, another film by the director. However, Anderson has made it clear that he is not attracted to these tributes and is protective of them, fearing that they may distort the perception of his work. “I protect myself from that. It would scare me to think: Is this really how people see my movies?

However, there are things about social networks that he likes.

Although he does not show enthusiasm for the TikTok trend, there is a tribute that has touched the heart of the director. Since the Accidentally Wes Anderson Instagram account posts photos of places that look like they were taken from a film by the director and has expressed appreciation for these images, considering them beautiful and evocative.

Asteroid City: An eclectic work of art

Wes Anderson’s Asteroid CityIn his most recent film, Asteroid City, Wes Anderson plunges us into a small town in the American Southwest under quarantine. In his unmistakable style, the film presents a narrative within a narrative and pays homage to the art of pulp sci-fi of the 1950s. The all-star cast includes renowned actors such as Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Bryan Cranston and Margot Robbie, along with with the regular collaboration of Jason Schwartzman. Although the film touches on the subject of quarantine, Anderson avoids linking it directly to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scarlett Johansson in Asteroid City

Scarlett Johansson in Asteroid City During the interview, Wes Anderson also shared exciting details about his upcoming feature film. Contrary to some of his previous works, this film will follow a linear narrative. Actor Benicio Del Toro will play a leading role in each scene, and the director revealed that the plot will deal with themes of espionage and a complex father-daughter relationship, with a remarkably dark tone. Although he was cautious in revealing more details, it has piqued the public’s curiosity about his next project.

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