Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Sarenet, the voice and data operator and hosting services for companies, has hired Jon de la Vega as Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI).image previewJon de la Vega, Head of Artificial Intelligence, SarenetGraduated in Computing & Information Technology from the University of Lincoln, for 18 years he was part of Sarenet’s Systems Engineering team, dedicating his last stage to developing the automation of the deployment of services on platforms Cloud that Sarenet offers its clients. From his new position, he will promote the use of AI in the company’s processes, to make the most of the opportunities that this technology can offer, in addition to training the human team in its use. His strategic vision will be instrumental in ensuring Sarenet remains at the forefront of industry innovation.

Sarenet, linked to Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of AI in Sarenet started two years ago with the use of AI through the development of algorithms to improve traffic analysis tools with the aim of detecting anomalies.

Sarenet incorporates Jon de la Vega as head of Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand, last year the company reached an agreement with Decidata, an expert company in the development of advanced analytics projects, to incorporate AI into the production processes of companies. This is an offer that is especially oriented towards SMEs that do not have the adequate infrastructure for data capture and storage required by these projects, nor the necessary power to execute the algorithms. With this new addition, Sarenet positions itself as a company committed to the adoption of more advanced emerging technologies. “We will continue to invest in artificial intelligence to improve our services so we can deliver exceptional experiences to our customers,” said Jon Arberas, CEO of Sarenet.

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