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The first episode of Secret Invasion delivered quite a few shocking twists and Cobie Smulders has now commented on its shocking ending. SPOILER WARNING

The first episode of Secret Invasion, a Marvel Studios series that adapts the famous comic book event for the UCM, is now available. In which the Skrulls have invaded the earth, replacing humans throughout the social scale, politicians, superheroes, villains… In the series it is not very different, since there is a group of Skrulls unhappy with the deal they reached with Nick Fury and they are willing to stop hiding. The series gives us a lot of unexpected twists like a good spy story, however the most shocking was the end of the chapter in which we see Nick Fury shoot Maria Hill. Until we find out that he was actually the Skrull leader Gravik posing as Fury. Maria eventually dies in the arms of the former SHIELD director, likely believing that her friend had pulled the trigger. We expected Cobie Smulders to have a leading role in the Disney+ series, but Fury is now alone in this fight against the alien invaders that they change shape.

Will it be the end for the character?

Marvel Studios’ speaking with Vanity Fair, the actress said she’s relieved to finally be able to share Maria’s fate with the world and was asked if the character is really dead. “I mean, I didn’t know it was an alien in Spider-Man,” she joked. , adding: “Now there is a Multiverse, so anything is possible. But I’m pretty sure this is it.” Confirming that she “[no] knows nothing” about the rumors that Maria will be in The Marvels, Smulders explained: “It felt and feels strange. Maria Hill’s passing is very real, shocking and she feels very human. It was a sad day.” Many fans have criticized Marvel Studios for giving Maria such a small role in the series, and the actress acknowledged that “it would have been great” to do more. “I trust Marvel is doing the story they think is the best. I feel bad if the reaction [de los fans] it’s negative and they don’t like it, but I think there’s also something positive to get out of this. They’re connected to the story and these characters that they cared about. That’s beautiful and wonderful.” He also spoke about what Maria must have been thinking in her final moments: “For Fury to see himself, to know that Hill thinks Fury shot him, that’s the pain of that moment. I like to think that she, in that moment she passed, she knew that she wasn’t him. Initially, he is terrifying and very confusing. But I’d like to think she got there.” Smulders seems to be okay with saying goodbye to the role, though it couldn’t have been easy for her, as this is a character she’s been playing on and off since 2012’s The Avengers. The first episode of Secret Invasion is now available on Disney+.

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