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A new TV series on Netflix! The plans of the streaming platform are revealed with a trailer that the public has liked a lot.

They just presented the new Netflix series that will break audience records. The trailer for The Chosen One has allowed us to see the adaptation of American Jesus, a modern biblical story. First published in 2004 under the name Chosen, American Jesus is a comic book written by writer Mark Millar and drawn by artist Peter Gross. The story follows a 12-year-old boy who suddenly discovers that he has come back as Jesus Christ. Though he can turn water into wine and heal people (perhaps even raise the dead), he must face his destiny to lead the world through a conflict that has been brewing for thousands of years. of the premiere of The Chosen One on August 16, Netflix has published an official teaser trailer. We share it on these lines so that you can take a look. The preview of the streaming platform highlights some of the intense sequences that await viewers when the series premieres in the North American company’s catalog. It also gives prominence to Glee alum Dianna Agron as the mother of the leading prophet. This woman will go to any length to protect her child.

This is everything we know about ‘The Chosen One’ to date

Poster of The Chosen One (Netflix)

Bobby Luhnow will play Jodie, the “chosen one” holder of the Netflix adaptation in which you will face a lot of emotional turmoil. According to the official synopsis of the series, the evangelical and Yaqui leaders of the town will try to get the boy to use his powers to save humanity. Jodie, however, is more concerned with impressing the girl he likes and standing up to the bullies. You can read more series news to follow international news.

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