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The experience of losing or misplacing a bag can be extremely stressful and frustrating. Given this reality, it is understandable that travelers seek solutions that allow them to track their luggage in real time. In response to this demand, Iberia will implement “baggage tracking” in the coming weeks, a system that allows customers to Follow the entire check-in process of your bag in real time. Customers will receive push messages when key milestones occur in the transfer of their baggage or when action is required. The possibility of customer self-management will also be offered, if their luggage is affected by any type of incident.

Baggage tracking in real time

The company, in its desire to improve the experience of its customers during all stages of their trip, will offer:Digitization and Artificial Intelligence to improve customer service. The airline is boosting customer service through conversational assistants and Artificial Intelligence such as its iBot or WhatsApp. Iberia customers can enjoy a 24/7 automated service and receive real-time help and information on Iberia’s operations. Another of the tools that allows you to manage the experience before flying is the Digital Concierge. Through this platform, the client can find out about the menu offered on board, the Gastrobar service menu, find out about the entertainment system, download the digital press or consult how to purchase Wi-Fi packages to surf the Internet once on board.“Marichín” for flight attendants. This application, which bears the name of one of the first flight attendants hired by Iberia in 1946, allows connecting -thanks to a second Wi-Fi network on the plane- the Ipad of the flight attendants of all the airline’s flights, with real-time information on the customers on board, their luggage and upcoming customer connections, maintain communication with Iberia stopovers at destination to anticipate any requirements upon arrival, and advance in the resolution of any incident.Choosing the seat with virtual reality. Before flying, Iberia customers have two other tools designed by start-ups: they can get to know the company’s entire fleet in virtual reality thanks to the solution implemented by Renacen. The other tool is the one provided by Smartvel to discover dynamic content of plans and activities at the destination. In addition, customers can also contract experiences and activities at the destination thanks to the collaboration that Iberia has with Globick, another start-up that offers exclusive content to make the most of your trip.

Iberia will launch a real-time baggage tracking tool

Occupancy level of the Premium Lounges. In collaboration with Technis Iberia, sensors have been installed in the Premium Lounge VIP Dalí in T4 of the Barajas airport, which make it possible to know the flow of customers in this space in real time and adequately size the resources necessary to serve these customers.Compensate your footprint and CO2labora. In addition, the Iberia Group offers all its clients, whether private or corporate, the possibility of knowing the carbon footprint of their flight and offsetting it through two certified climate projects: one in Guatemala and the other in Peru.Open to innovation. Two of the most obvious examples of how Iberia has opened up to innovation is its participation in the Hangar 51 start-up accelerator and the Iberia Lab project. Hangar 51 is the open innovation platform of IAG, the group to which Iberia belongs. Hangar 51 finances, supports and scales the main emerging technologies in travel and aviation. Iberia Lab is the innovation laboratory for raising, promoting and implementing the ideas of its employees, aware that innovation is everyone’s responsibility and as a company committed to transformation, it has to involve all its employees in this process, because the best Ideas are also found internally and from the people who know the company best.

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