Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

A day has passed since all Nintendo fans were able to enjoy a new Nintendo Direct that offered different surprises that continue to talk about. One of them was the announcement of New Super Mario Bros. Wonder and its elephant Mario, who is already being used by several fans.
The game was one of the main announcements of the event. As you will surely remember, this new 2D installment of the most famous plumber in the world will arrive on October 20, so the community continues to wonder how much it will offer and what is behind the new Mario transformations. Now, and as is customary after a Nintendo presentation, you can already find different images related to its news, with Mario the elephant being the one that attracted the most attention and the one that motivated several users to create their fanarts. You can see them below:

As you could see, the fanarts make their own version of the curious Mario Elephant, in addition to which we see a Bowser with the same style and even a possible chocolate cereal.
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Without a doubt, the community shows us their great talent and surely more and more Mario Elephant fanarts will continue to arrive, all while New Super Mario Bros. Wonder is released on October 20 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. What did you think of the fanarts? Tell us in the comments. Stay informed at WTTSpod.
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