Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Mastering a foreign language is one of the skills that can give the greatest boost to a professional career. Conscious of it, Edtech Lighthouse, company specialized in online training for professionals, has launched Faro Languages, its new and sixth line of studies, with the aim of helping people acquire and officially certify the language skills necessary to succeed in the business world and improve their job opportunities by learning English in a flexible, individualized, updated and multilevel way. Speaking a second language like English, in addition to opening the door to more job opportunities and being related to better economic conditions, is also necessary in the national context to obtain a place in certain oppositions such as Education. Despite this, in Spain, according to the National Statistics Institute, only 27% of the resident population speaks English and only 15% acknowledge that they speak it “well”.

Online training with the possibility of obtaining Oxford certification

Faro Languages offers flexible schedule, since online classes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, it adapts to the needs of each professional, offering different levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) ranging from A1 to C1. All levels include a updated content according to the latest trends in learning English that cover, on the one hand, listening and pronunciation with native audio and interactive exercises and, on the other, writing and grammar through practical exercises and personalized correction. In addition, the educational experience includes personalized tutorials with a teacher who accompanies the professional throughout the study process. In fact, all the courses, at the end, give the student the possibility of recognizing the level of English with a Oxford University Press certificate. This title, in addition to not expiring, is recognized by various educational institutions, being one of the most prestigious in the education market since it examines the reading ability (Reading), listening comprehension (Listening), speaking (Speaking) and that of writing (Writing). “Faro Languages ​​is a project that is aligned with Faro Edtech’s objective of having a global and quality offer to respond to the main training demands in any of the professional fields to which we address ourselves. With a community of more than 250,000 professional students from the health sector who have trained with us and, taking into account that English is the language of science and medical research, this was a key project that we had to tackle”, he assured Clara Campos, CEO of Faro Edtech.

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