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Disney is conquering the world of gaming with great projects in the world of consoles and PC. We all know these fabulous proposals, but did you know that you can carry one of its most entertaining and engaging games in your pocket all the time? This is Disney Mirrorverse, a visually stunning and really fun role-playing game for iPhone and Android. Disney Mirrorverse is one of those games that is worth knowing and trying, even once. For you to do so, here we tell you everything you need to know before making the leap to this mobile experience.

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Disney Mirrorverse is an action role-playing game starring Disney heroes and villains. Its story takes place in a divergent Disney universe that was born after 2 stars collided. This Mirror Universe features familiar light-filled worlds that are threatened by dark forces and hordes of enemies. So, your mission is to create your team with Disney and Pixar characters strengthened to create a squad that allows you to destroy the enemies and bring peace to the Mirror Universe. It is in this context that you will enjoy an impressive looking RPG that is focused on team dynamics and is visually appealing. It is a title that you will be able to play for hours and hours without getting bored for a single second.
Get ready to see a new universe and save it from darkness As an RPG, Disney Mirrorverse focuses on narrative. Thus, you can expect to enjoy interesting quests and stories featuring several of the most popular Disney and Pixar characters. An important point of the Disney Mirrorverse is that its story continues to unfold. Thus, you must be prepared to receive monthly updates that will expand their universe and the events of a universe in danger. Of course this also means more quests and seasonal events. Of course you won’t be alone when it comes to saving the Mirror Universe. Disney Mirrorverse features a diverse cast of Disney and Pixar characters that you can use to create your justice squad. Its different characteristics, powers and abilities will help you to defeat the fractured enemies that are creating problems. An important point is that when creating your team you will not only choose the characters that you like the most and that’s it. Each have special attacks that make them unique and are designed to complement each other. In this way, you must design a team with the necessary chemistry and the best skills for each situation. You can still customize each of your guardians through the progression system.
Your favorite characters are in the Disney MirrorverseYour favorite characters are in the Disney Mirrorverse It doesn’t matter if yours are the heroes or the evil villains. In Disney Mirrorverse you can choose characters as varied as Maleficent, Sulley, Baymax, Aladdin, Jafar, Belle, Gaston, Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, Mulan, Dory and many others. Best of all, the characters in the Disney Mirrorverse have unique designs that show them amplified and empowered like never before, so get ready to see your favorite characters looking fresh. Each of these characters can be part of a class—melee, tank, support, or ranged—and there are different artifacts and items you can use to get the most out of them. So, you have to be ready to see your characters grow and become more and more powerful.
Evolve with your guardiansEvolve with your guardians Another point in favor of Disney Mirrorverse is that it is visually impressive for a simple mobile launch. This is a fantastic looking game with well detailed characters, cool animations and attractive environments. When you try it you will see that it does a fantastic job of transporting you to a new Disney universe that will motivate you to know every corner. Keep in mind that during your time in the Disney Mirrorverse you will be able to work close to your friends to earn various rewards. You can also compete against other players to get unique prizes. Likewise, you will be able to compete in real time against players from all over the world to show who has the best alliance. This means that Disney Mirrorverse has an extremely important social element. You will see that you will end up inviting your friends to create an alliance that will become the most dominant in the entire universe.
Create your team and prove to be the bestCreate your team and prove to be the best After everything we said, you probably have a lot of desire to play Disney Mirrorverse, right? In that case, you will be happy to know that you can download it completely free of charge and enjoy it from your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. You can download Disney Mirrorverse at the following links: Now that you know the most important thing about Disney Mirrorverse, tell us, are you excited to try it? What is it that most attracts your attention in this RPG with Disney characters? Tell us in the comments. Disney Mirrorverse is available for iOS and Android. You can know more about this game if you click here. Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News

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