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Love has triumphed again! However, this time at Marvel they have surprised us with an unexpected relationship. Will there be a future for them?

The madness has been unleashed with the new Marvel romance, because it does not make any sense. The House of Ideas comics have unveiled a rather shocking potential romance between two very powerful heroes that MCU fans would never put together. We are talking about Scarlet Witch and Loki.

Like their counterparts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comic book versions of Loki and Wanda Maximoff have been villainous and anti-heroic at times. But their new eras have firmly recast them as heroes seeking atonement and redemption. In fact, a showdown between the two magic users seems almost inevitable. The editorial public recently a beautiful cover by Russell Dauterman under the following synopsis. “Wanda and Loki fall under each other’s spell as mischief and mayhem collide.” The reaction to the cover has not been long in coming.

The great evolution of Scarlet Witch in modern times

Scarlet Witch (Marvel Studios)

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ (Sam Raimi, 2022) Scarlet Witch has traveled an important path of redemption that began years ago, but which crystallized in the event The Judgment of Magneto. It is there that she redeemed herself in the eyes of the mutants of Krakoa, before becoming a powerful healing and heroic force in her new solo Marvel Comics series. In this series, Wanda has opened her own magic emporium with the help of Darcy Lewis. Wanda uses the “Last Door” to help anyone in need of magical intervention. Her latest adventures with her sister Polaris, her daughter Viv, and her upcoming confrontation with her Wiccan son have forced Wanda to work hard to use her chaos magic. His purpose of her? To improve the lives of others as she continues her own journey of healing and growth.

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