Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

GlobalSuite Solutions has just announced a new partner relationship with Genasys Inc, in order to become a strategic partner that will increase the customer base that uses the company’s solutions and tools. This relationship will enable Genasys to offer its customers GlobalSuite Solutions’ portfolio of advanced solutions, which enables organizations to provide business continuity and crisis management tools, automate risk management, optimize processes, comply with current regulations and have effective continuity plans. For its part, GlobalSuite Solutions, will be able to use the Genasys platform to create, manage and send bi-directional and geolocated multi-channel notifications in case a risk is detected.
“The agreement signed with Genasys will allow us access to companies that had excellent alert system solutions and emergency management and that, from now on, will be able to add tools to automate risk management and compliance with regulations. regulations with which they will have a global protection that they lacked”, explains Antonio Quevedo, CEO of GlobalSuite Solutions.

GlobalSuite Solutions and Genasys

With the synergies offered by this agreement, GlobalSuite Solutions solutions will reach a greater number of organizations that will be able to verify the advantages of the company’s range of proposals that, in addition to standing out for their ease of use, allow, among other characteristics, make an improvement in business continuity standards, compliance assessments to see the level of the organization and obtain reliable and updated reporting for decision making.

GlobalSuite Solutions and Genasys will increase the customer base that uses the company’s solutions and tools

Likewise, companies will be able to carry out a risk analysis adaptable to any methodology with the possibility of carrying out an evaluation of them with risk maps and automatic dashboards. In addition to the above, the option of using a business continuity solution that allows companies to anticipate and manage risks and disruptive events that may affect their operations, minimizing their impact and ensuring business continuity. Both companies have worked together on a series of initiatives and events with relevant clients to strengthen their commitment to stimulate the market for solutions for business continuity and the resolution of critical conflicts. The objective is to transform crisis management into a competitive advantage.

By Alvaro Rivers

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