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Although it was planned, they will no longer make Wonder Woman 3, which is why actress Gal Gadot is honest about her future.

Gal Gadot has wowed fans as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in plenty of DC Comics movies, but it seems her time as the most powerful superhero on the planet is over. Now the actress reacts to the cancellation of the third installment in an interview with TF. “For me, starting and developing stories that I am passionate about is something incredible. The fact that I don’t have to sit still at home waiting for the next offer is something that makes me feel empowered. I enjoy doing that, it keeps me alive.” “I’m not just going to do my own projects. I’m still going to work as an actress for hire. But the fact that I’m able to go ahead and tell the stories that I’m passionate about, from ideas that I came up with, or from ideas that I find fascinating from people who want to partner with us, is amazing.” Says Gal Gadot. “As for the opportunities outside of DC Comics, it’s something I’m very grateful for and I’m definitely going to continue because it’s worth it. I am very, very excited and humbly proud.” “It was announced a few years ago that she was going to play Wonder Woman. I have been so thankful for the opportunity to play such an amazing and iconic character and, more than anything, I am thankful for YOU. The fans”.

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Attention SPOILERS on his latest participation in DC Comics.

Gal Gadot has had brief scenes as Wonder Woman in Shazam 2: The Fury of Gods and in The Flash. This movie that has just been released in theaters shows us how the Justice League works and how she saves other heroes like Batman. The movies in which she plays Wonder Woman can be seen on HBO Max.

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