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This morning, the fourth generation member of the popular idol group nogizaka46, Seira Hayakawashook social networks with a statement announcing his resignation from the group and his final retirement from the entertainment industry. While the news of an idol’s retirement is not something out of the ordinary, the circumstances surrounding Hayakawa’s statement have led fans to believe that it wasn’t really her decision.but was forced to do so.

The idol shared the following statement through her official media: Good morning, this is Seira Hayakawa from Nogizaka46 speaking: I passed the audition at the age of 17 and my first stage with Nogizaka46 was, with great trepidation, at the Nippon Budokan. The glow sticks looked like waves on a very, very wide ocean, and I remember being excited by that unreal world, but at the same time confused about what kind of place I had arrived at. That was the beginning of my story. I had always studied classical ballet and children’s musicals, and I loved bathing in brilliant light and expressing myself to the people in front of me. I did not want to miss out on the opportunity that was being given to me, an opportunity that I would not normally be able to experience. “I’m here by choice,” she thought. I wasn’t confident enough to believe it, but the day I saw the glowing landscape, I made up my mind to make an effort to believe it. It’s strange to say it myself, but I’ve always had a serious personality. I felt overwhelmed by a sense of responsibility and nervousness every day, and I had to push myself every day. When I look back on those days objectively, I feel like I was nothing more than an immature and giggly 18-year-old. I was never the ideal idol that you had imagined in your dreams. I didn’t just smile, I cried when I cried, I got angry when I was angry and it hurt when I hurt. There were times when I felt like my physical strength was at its limit. The loneliness that grows day by day, not knowing what tomorrow will bring us. The feeling of being stuck in the heart with a needle every time I compete every day. The bottomless bright blue sky. The night I made my kind mother cry. That day when everything was so bright that I didn’t know where I was going or what was happening. The world that shone so cruelly with tears. If I hadn’t started that day, I wouldn’t have suffered so much. (Omission) I, Seira Hayakawa, graduated from Nogizaka46 and retired from show business. I would be lying if I said I don’t regret anything. My favorite friends, my cute and adorable kouhai, and my dear, precious and irreplaceable fans. How can I not regret it? If I hadn’t started that day, I would never have seen such a beautiful scenery. What a feeling. There are so many things I think about.
My life in show business as “Nogizaka46’s Seira Hayakawa” will come to an end soon. However, I believe that life is a series of short stories like this one that make up the book “I”. So I would like to continue advancing in the pages of my life called “I”. There may be more and more difficulties. But even that makes me feel excited because I’ve learned that I have wonderful things ahead of me that I can overcome. That is why I am able to graduate from the first chapter of my long life with a sense of accomplishment. As we previously mentioned, The news of an idol’s retirement is not something out of the ordinary in the industry, but something happened just a few days ago that definitely has fans wondering if Seira Hayakawa really made the decision to retire. Or if she was forced to do it. In the middle of last May, during a broadcast of the radio program “Rajira! Sunday”, Seira Hayakawa denounced that SEIGO, production manager of the concerts, was too unpleasant a guy to work with, since he liked to insult and treat idol girls badly.
Like lines like “You’re pretty ugly” or “You should die”, this guy tormented the girls through headphones, or directly in person. Seira Hayakawa even commented that this director came to blame her for the accident she had Sayaka Kakehashi last year, where he fell down some stairs and had to be away for a few weeks.

These statements did not go unnoticed, and fans immediately began protesting against this director, pointing out that Momoko Ozono’s recent graduation could have been caused by him as well. In the end, the Nogizaka46 production team announced the immediate dismissal of SEIGO as production manager, stating that he made this decision himself after the staff confirmed the allegations of misbehavior.
Importantly, there has so far been no official confirmation that Seira Hayakawa’s retirement is directly related to her allegation of verbal abuse. The idol has yet to issue an additional statement on the reasons behind her decision. It is essential to respect her privacy and allow her the space to take the time she needs during this transition in her life. Throughout her time at Nogizaka46, Seira Hayakawa has left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans with her talent and dedication. Your courage in speaking out about abuse and your contribution to the entertainment industry will be remembered and valued. As fans of Seira Hayakawa try to understand recent events, the broader community hopes that this situation will promote positive change and greater awareness of the importance of a safe and respectful environment for all artists. Fountain: esuteru

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