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Artificial Intelligence is experiencing explosive growth in various sectors, and the industrial field is no exception. This technology is generating a considerable impact in this area and is expected to continue expanding in the near future. With the purpose of collecting the most recent advances and news in the industry, Easyfairs presented the first edition of MetalBarcelona and Robomática Barcelona – Part of Advanced Manufacturing Barcelona.’AI has been going strong and the industrial sector will be affected by this new player. For this reason, we are delighted to have some of the leading experts in the field to analyze this new technology and the effects it will have for our sector’, comments Oscar Barranco, CEO of Easyfairs Iberia.

Artificial intelligence in the industrial sector

The rise of AI has revolutionized society and one of the biggest concerns is jobs. There are catastrophic theories that say that the implementation of AI will end human intervention in the industry. According to the study Robotic Process Automation: Statistics, Business Impact and Future1 carried out by SDET, approximately one in five tasks carried out by human beings in the workplace consists of repetitive computer operations that have the potential to be automated. Taking this into account, the truth is that, with a correct implementation, AI can be a great ally of the industrial sector, since it will free teams from monotonous work, allowing them to focus attention on tasks that cannot be replaced by a machine. .“The implementation of AI in the industrial sector has the potential to drive significant economic growth and improve operational efficiency. While there is certainly some concern about potential job losses, we must see this as an opportunity for job transformation. With the automation of repetitive and monotonous tasks, workers can dedicate their time and skills to higher value-added activities, such as creativity, strategic decision-making, and the development of new solutions,” says José Luis Casal, an expert in technology and speaker at Advanced Manufacturing Barcelona. Laia Garriga, Technology Transfer Manager and also speaker at Advanced Manufacturing Barcelona, ​​points in the same direction, who believes that if AI takes over the most mechanical, it will leave room for women and men to deal with the creative or focus on the purely human. “Industries must be able to establish a good strategic plan for digitization and adoption of AI technologies, knowing that technologies are tools that allow us to achieve certain objectives, but it is people and organizations that decide where they want to go, which are their needs or what they must do to be more competitive in the market. This continues to be the key to the success of any company beyond technology,” she states. Among the main benefits of the application of AI in the industrial sector, the optimization of production, safety and quality improvement, as well as the planning of operations and resources, stand out, as determined by Garriga. In this sense, she affirms: “AI is profoundly transforming the industrial sector, opening up unprecedented and unimaginable scenarios until a few years ago. Thanks to its ability to process huge volumes of data and learn from mistakes, it is changing the way companies manage their activities and production processes.” Finally, Casal concludes: “The adoption of advanced technologies can open the door to creation of emerging jobs in the field of AI and digitization. It is crucial that companies and governments invest in training and skills development programs to ensure that workers are prepared for the jobs of the future.”

Advanced Manufacturing Barcelona

In this edition of the fair, the importance of AI in the industrial sector and the upcoming advances in this technology will be explored. Various conferences will be held on this topic. One of which will be given by José Luis Casal, recognized as one of the most prominent voices in Innovation on LinkedIn, and Advisor and Member of Boards of Directors at Bookker, Kabel, Notbound, LUAFund , Atlas Tecnológico, Merlín DP, as well as Professor at UB-IL3 and UCM. In his presentation, Casal will delve into the key aspects of AI and its impact on the industrial sector. In addition, Laia Garriga, Advanced Technology Promoter UT Intel·ligència Artificial at Eurecat, will present practical cases, benefits and challenges of the application of AI in industry.

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