Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Digitization is the entry point to document management and digital workflows. Print management and automation services help support hybrid working, enable higher productivity, and achieve sustainability goals.

Enable a seamless transition to digital ways of working

The office environment has changed. Hybrid models have become the new normal, with traditional meeting rooms and offices modernizing to enable effective collaboration. Digitization brings new opportunities to increase efficiency, productivity and information sharing. Technology helps automate repetitive tasks, complex workflows, and administrative processes, freeing up time for creativity and added value. As organizations embrace digitalization, they need a print infrastructure that supports new ways of working with secure robust that minimizes energy consumption. Digital ways of working and automated workflows remove barriers and enable higher levels of productivity, but this requires the right technology and a sustainable approach.

Organizations must align their workplace strategy with their digital ambitions

Digitization has become an opportunity to optimize the experience in the workplace. By 2024, companies that offer employees democratized access to digital collaboration, process automation and similar tools will achieve a 20% increase in revenue thanks to improved productivity. To achieve this, three key aspects must be worked on: Automate document processing such as archiving and billing to reduce manual work and the risk of human error. Store and access files securely to comply with regulations data protection and prevent security breaches.Scanning capabilities allow employees to reduce paper consumption, eliminate physical storage and easily move to digital ways of working.Cloud migration eliminates the need for print servers on-site and allows you to print, securely, from any mobile device.

We work together for a sustainable future

At Ricoh we provide companies with tools and digital solutions to make them more sustainable. Regardless of their size, we have energy-efficient solutions, such as the new IM C2010-6010 series of smart multifunctional printers, which enable digital workflows to help save resources and transition to less energy-intensive processes. paper, boosting sustainability credentials and helping to achieve ESG goals. Technology to unleash the full potential of the digital workplace, automate the most tedious processes and focus on the most creative tasks.

By Alvaro Rivers

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